Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day one

So I am currently in Katowice, Poland is 600km away from Berlin. I was in Berling for a couple of hours, ate a Turkish meal, it was like a taco but with like pita bread it was interesting but good and I had tea but im not a big fan of black tea.. so I barely drank it. We went to my friend's olf work palce in the Sony center, it was freaking cool and elegant, i loved it there we just had a drink and walked around. Then I saw some famous places in Berlin and we drove to Poland. I was freaking tired because i was trying to stay awake so my friend could drive. But then i realized i was running very low in sleep. See when I was in LA i woke up at 8am when i went to sleep at 3am. so 5 hours of sleep. Got in the plane which was 10 and half hours long, i watched 2 movies sex and the city and made of honor. Then a bit of Kung Fu Panda (did i spell it right) listen to music and went to sleep at 11pm LA time. We got to Frankfurt at 3:30am LA time. and then I left for berlin around 5am LA time. In berlin by the time I landed was 4pm or somewhere around there.. So it was intense. The plane ride was super scary lots of turbulence super shaky drinks were spilling, first time i ever got scared of riding a plane in my logn history of flying.. but we made it through. Its pretty cold here its 10 Celsius which is like 30 Farenheit. But i liek cold weather cause i get to wear my rain jacket (sarah and em you know which one! ) MY friends family and her i love them they are sup[er nice, except i do not understand a word, cause well i dont know any polish and its hard to pronounce too. im attempting but i make a fool of myself. But its so cool seeing how things are different. In Frankfurt people ride bikes in the airport so freaking cool! haha i wanted to hop in one. Oh an we got to drive with the no speed limit it was tight, in a shift car! Tomorrow or the next day i will be going to Auswhich(I'm not sure in the spelling) concentration camp so it will be intense
well love ya all!
updates friends!


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hahaha... that red jacket.

p.s. i like the "jess here now" thing; it reminds me of the inspirational ucla commercials. WINNERS THEN WINNERS NOW YEAHHHH