Friday, September 26, 2008

Day two/three..

Hallo friends
Alright so I am still in Poland, chilling having a good time. We took a mini roadtrip to a city called Krakow. It said to be one of the nicest ones in europe. It was bello! it had the architecture that disney would put in one of their parks, there were also lots of churches, and a castle. All very pretty and its a bit hard to explained but I liked it. I ate some traditional food there it was very good like ravioli with coleslaw and the other with meat. Then well I'm a lover of bread and they sell bread necklaces so i got one, they were like mini super mini bagels. It was a good little snack. We then stayed in a hotel, for free because one of the family's friend is building it. It was a nice new hotel very modern but we crashed there at like 9pm after lots of walking around and having snacks and food. Then we woke up at 11pm and couldnt sleep till 4am. It was funny how we couldnt sleep till we did. Then we came back to the city of Kakowice and hung out at the mall while my friend had her car washed. Tomorrow will be a little more sight seeing and will write mroe updates. Thankfully my scrapes are healing now they look like i just pealed from a sunburn, better than me looking like i got in a fight or that i was hindu or something.. Cause some people thoguht sad. Its pretty cold compared to LA weather i want to wear my shoes but because my pinky toe is a bit swollen I cant, so they have been surviving cold air.

Alright its all for now! please send me your mailing addresses if you want postcards if not then don't complain!

Much Love!


Kristal said...

LMAO HINDU?!?!?! ajhahhaha

Sarah said...

hey, way to misspell your own name on your blog! <3