Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Leaving Florence

Friday Dec 12
Florence-Rome-Frankfurt-Frankfurt Hahn-Bologna-Florence-Pisa-Valencia Spain (original plan)
Last Day in Florence.. Its 3am I am still packing taking care of things, 4am decide to shower, half an hour later write down all te info for the second part of this journey. 5am, call cab!
Heading to Florence Peterola aiport, taking what i thought my last look at this amazing city. Arrive at airport which my itinerary consisted of Florence-Rome-Frankfurt. Turns out flight is cancelled! i got rescheduled to a direct flight to frankfurt. Lucky about that yet, time to check in luggage, they only allow you one check in, because i am flying within the E.U and yep im over the weight.. They ask me to take off stuff but they are being anal, they also wight my carry ons, tell me i am over the weight or cant put stuff there. In my carry on i carry an slr, video camera, books, computer.. Not a lot of stuff but all pretty heavy. Then i started to break down, i want my mommy! Too much to now get rid of things, i give her my italian books and what does the lady say.. NO NO! I AM A TEACHER, YOU ARENT THROWING THIS BABIES AWAY! haha so then she was a little bit lenient hence she realized i had books and i was getting really sad. Made it to Frankfurt! Now time to put my bag into a storage area!.. I am coming here a tad bit scared because i have to store my bag with my laptop, yet i come to find that germany has an amazing storaging system! Exit outside to take a bus to a different frankfurt airport that is 1 1/2 hrs away.. Everything is pretty smooth so far, get to the aiport check in.. take flight back to italy.
Italy is gloomy, take bus to take 3 possible trains to florence then going to pisa.. Turns out there is a protest and theres no way i will make it to pisa in time to catch my flight.. END UP IN FLORENCE!
IM BACK... to florence met up with krystal.. It sucks we were supposed to be in our way to spain to valencia which later lead to granada. Now we are both tired, sad, upset... Trying to figure out alternatives.. Decide to stay in florence for 2 nights.. Enjoyed the city one more time, had more amazing gelato, walked around to the ponte vecchio, piazzale michelangelo, saw ems and other friends :) Once in pisa to take our flight to girona, then to barcelona.. yes we had to skip granada and valencia :(.. We board the flight.. take my last breaths of italian air, and tears came down. I had a heck of an experience in italy, good and bad times and it became part of who I am.. Im going to miss it folks!
Arrive in Girona, take bus to barcelona, ate at the bus station and then headed to madrid! We stopped in zaragoza (looked pretty modern) and another stop they had snow! and frozen lakes i was amazed.. i got off the bus to touch the snow, except it was very icy :(.. Get to MADRID ESPANA! 3AM.. to my opinion a bit sketch, porta del sol seemed to be hooker central.. its an alright city but def. my least favorite? but it was a fun trip!
dec 18th
Leave madrid, arrive at frankfurt main! pick up bag, its safe :) do this carpooling system with this guy named marcus, drove us to my friends town! Welcome to heidelberg!

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