Sunday, October 5, 2008

Satuday Birthday!

Soo my plan of attack was to go to the tower or pisa, since its one of my favorite since i was little. However i woke up with a super sore achilles tendon. Got super worried, called my dad and gave me some instructions followed them but it kept getting a little worse. So I had to call in the doctor, doctors come to your casa here in italy! So she checked it out.. i have a little tendonitis when your achilles tendon is swollen. It must have been the high heeled boots for the past days and then i went to flat shoes the day before and lots of jumping and dancing. So I had to rest all day, therefore not being able to go out on my bday. Cause i was scared of breaking that shit, cause then surgery is required and cast! and no no.. So i celebrated yesterday which was lots of fun! and then i spent talking to people online today! haha while my foot was on hot or cold water or bandaged. Got dinner brought home and tiramisu. hopefully it will heal fast. The cause most have been from the semi-broken pinky toe that i have been stepping not normal putting more pressure on my heal instead of the top part. So know thats whats up, jess is resting to heal that achilles.. I will re celebrate again once Emily and Ari get back, we will go out and have more fun!

Right now its sunday morning its freaking cold in italy! well the floor atleast, i miss my slipper booties from urban outfitters! i will post on what goes on tonight later on! And as for guys, lots of prospects we just have to see who the lucky winner will be!

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Kristal said...

COME BACK FOR MY BDAY...i can't believe its almost been a year since my salsa dancing bday night