Sunday, October 5, 2008

Giorno 3

So last night (tuesday) I went to dinner with Ari, Kevin my roommates and Brittany (a girl from the other program) it was nice had good pasta and such, but i had a coke sometimes it cheaper than other drinks but this time iw as wrong 4 euros for a can! ooops missed that boat. Then later on we met more people from the other program, they are cool but they have been here for a month so we are like the new kids in school. I dont know how i feel about it. I also met Dominick this britsh guy that Ari knows through someone else, he is cool so far..So we headed to Amadeus this bar, got free shots and then had a long island ice tea and something else that was like foamy but with jager? It was good, we also met this chef for sushi except he warned us that his place is expensive 50 euros a person.. I love sushi but im used to 12dollars tops! haha soo i dont know if i can handle that. Soo then we were there for a while and then we went to Twice just kevin, Ari and Dom it was empty.. so we peaced out and came home at like 3-4 something and my feet were killing me high heel buts are tight but hurt after 9 hours!

So today Wednesday we took a walking tour of florence, and let me tell you it was super great!
The fact that you take a walking tour in the city and see so much its amazing! There are so many things, so close to each other and lots of things that i will be able to do during this time. There is lots of art, music, nightlife, coffee, restaurants, shops! its like super cool! There are also lots of churches I am catholic so it helps, i think i will be going to mass here every sunday because I want to check out the churches from the inside, just because every single one is so unique or the attention to detail is unbelievable . So we took the tour and went to the Duomo, and saw it inside, saw the sculpture of David by Michelangelo, went to the ponte vechio. Everything is just great. We also had gelato and let me tell you its super good! like I haven't had ice cream in a while because of pinkberry but gelato is soo good i love the flavors. After this i reunited with Emily O!! It was sooo much fun to see her! We met at Piaza San Marco cause its like central point for both of us! I loved seeing her, so then she took me shopping for some groceries, cause she knew were the market was. Then i forgot that i had to cary lots of shit but it was worth it and fun! We came back to my apartment and just hung out with Ari. Then we came up with a plan of execution for the night! Because it was time to celebrate! So we parted our ways, and then got ready and pre-gamed a bit cause if you dont bars can be pricey. So did that and met up with people from the other program at the Duomo. That is like a central spot for everyone to meet up. Walked and I then met up with Emily and the Lions Club Irsih Pub. Ari and I decided to hang out with Ems crew, it was fun all Gonzaga kids in one place theres like 150 people in her program so met more people from the states and some italians and like the representative or something important from Moroco. Then Ari and I took an Irish car bomb recommended by our fellow Emily! It was good i really liked it! and i def chugged it as specified haha. We had fun in the pub and then we headed to Twice, its more of a club. So we def brought a bunch of people from the pub and it was packed, there was also people from the other program so we all were together. I had fun because i was pretty "happy" and just with everyonehaha then I was dancing with Federico he was cute, but then jess lost her phone!! So i was going a little crazy because well its a phone and need to fnd it hoping noone makes outside calls. Federico was still wanting to talk to me and such but i was busy looking for that shit.. So i unfortunately didnt find it!.. We got home at 3am again but no luck! no phone and i tried deactivating but it did not work! soo I failed. Tomorrow placement test at 8!

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