Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Day of SChool

So I was places in italian Beg 2 but its mixed with one.. So learning all the basics again, i don't know how i feel about it. Good refresher but i feel im not challenging myself. I think ill be trying the intermediate class just to see. Its like challenge or no challenge? one emans i could learn way more but it will get complicated but i might do it. The people in class seem cool though everyone is foreign from america or sweeden, or russian or mexico.. Its interesting. Then after school me and Ari decked out our rooms with the stuff provided it was fun. And later on i went to the train station to drop her off and meet krystal yee there! So i found a pair of boots that i like.. And then we came back to my apt drop stuff and went around catching up and semi-shopping. Grabbed some gelato and yea then dinner! It was fun but night was not my finest moment in italy.. Too much on the plate but of course someone will save the day, thanks raisa! I needed that moment to take a breath from occurances.. but i feel better now! like a trooper that can take any challenge any day!

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