Sunday, October 5, 2008


Took placement test today! It was easy but not. At first i was confused with cognome and nome.. but figured that one out which means last name and name. Then i knew the verbs but i should have gone over them a little bit because i forgot some parts, but it was all good. Afterwards I went to the phone company to check about my phone and well i had to pay somewhat of a hefty amount atleast less than 100 euros which would have been if it had a rental phone but i didnt. Then after wards i explore where another market was and i was able to get internet in our crib. Because we had been going to internet cafes and i particularly dont like them, hence my late posting! Afterwards i came back and just crashed meaning slept for a little bit, we were all lacking of sleep because of the previous night.. Then we woke up and got connected to our computers, and then Ari and I went to see Emily. She lives in a penzione its tight, they have like fresco painting in all their ceilings and it looks cool more dormy like so you see more people. Then we were walking back but decided we didnt wanna go home so we then saw Dominick and we went to the Red Garner its like an american bar, in which Ari knows the owner. So we had a drink with them and just talked and chill it was fun like talking to them about local stuff and whatnot. Then we walked home and ran into a lot of people Ari had met before the program started and she had told me stories so I was able to put faces.. then we got home at like 4am again, when it wasnt our intention. And we have class the next day at 8:45am!

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