Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sept 28! Roma Italia

So… once again we had agreed to go to sleep early because you know I have to catch a flight to Italia at 1:20pm. We were in Katowice Poland, the 600km away form Berlin where my flight departs from. The plan- get up at 5am be out 6 o’clock the latest and be in Berlin by 11ish.. We set up 2 alarms a phone on eand my ipod, which I wondered how it worked but I set it anyways. Had a very pleasant dream but all of the sudden I see light. I look at my watch is 7am!!! Wake up jump out of bed, call Paulina its 7am!! We both go like shit shit shit fuckkk… all scrambling gathering all of our things. I take my bags to the car, we are like shit shit will we get there.. we left super fast, I might have left something? I don’t know cross your fingers I didn’t. And we begin our drive at 7:24am. No breakfast, no coffee, just our adrenaline of us getting to Berlin in time. Its usually a 5-6 hour drive.. We kept it positive I mean she would be like shit jess and I would like aahh and laigh or smile. She would be like its not funny. But those of you who know me I don’t really rage or mostly I laugh when some things aren’t even funny. I mean theres nothing else I could really do.. So we hit the road and man did she drive!! We made it to berlin in 4hours! Thanks to the non-speed limit freeways in germany haha and well a super amazing driver. Get to the airport and well another little roadblock. I flew united airlines LAX to Berlin and well you were allowd to have 2 bags and 2 carryons one smaller than the other. However I am now flying Alitalia which only allows one bag checked in and one carry on, just one.. So I had 2, of each I was able to put my handbag in my carryon but the other one, how was I gonna do it? So I was like hmm maybe I’ll pay.. But till I found out the beautiful price of 150 Euros!! I was aaahh definitely not… I could go somewhere with that money or even pay my friend the trip haha. So I had to step asided and wisely select the items that were in my bag and take some and leave some. Good thing Paulina went with me to the gate so I left my other suitcase with her while I manage to squeeze some more stuff in my big bag and in my backpack/carry on. It weights a lot! Well my one bag was 28Kilos only 20 are allowed but the lady was nice☺ so props to her.. How will I get my shit back to the states, it will be interesting but I guess if someone visits or something I just have to get it to germany.. We shall see how it goes in December. How do you pack for four months in one bag… I need a lesson in that area. So got in the plane and aaah now im getting super shy at speaking I did say grazie haha. I can understand some of it. The plane though to Rome was kinda crappy looking like old, weird but ok ya know flyable. Haha. So I am currently in Rome waiting for my flight to Florence. Once in Florence there will be another update! Ciao Begli

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