Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sept 27th!

Sept 27th - My friend and I have a little trouble waking ourselves up in the morning, our plan was to be up at 8 and go to Auschwitz concentration camp, well we didn’t get up till 11 or so.. But we still went, the drive was fun seeing the Poland sights while listening to good jams. We got to the concentration camp, and we came to realize there was a lot of people. I guess lots of tourist like me. It was a pretty intense experience like I thought. I mean its one thing to know history and seen it made into movies and what not but to be standing where history happened is a very different feeling. The weather was in between cold and sunny but it’s the type of sun that doesn’t really warm you up, if you are from Alaska I think you know what I mean, like the one we get before winter hits..So we walked around and seeing all the places was just a rare feeling, a feeling that you definitely wish you didn’t feel. We decided to take the tour in English of course haha I had to make sure it was because for a sec I heard polish and I knew that was no bueno for me. So we watched this movie and it was like they were replaying history I mean it was from the actual events, not a make up movie. So we proceeded with the tour, I must say the tourguide was cool, it was like a guy from unsolved mysteries type/style. He bagan telling us facts about what had happened there and took us to exhibitions. In does exhitibtions it was just very shoking to see some of the thigns. I learned how people 10,000 people were killed instantly in the gas chambers, and we actually went were it took place, one also got to see a model of how it was done. They would tell people to go down nderground undress and remember where they have put their belongings but then minutes later 10,000 people were locked underground and the gas would be released. So horrific to see that, and well they also would “recycle” a lot of belongings nothing was thrown away. Such things were like shoes, clothes, any type of brushes (make up, toothbrush, hairbrushes), glasses, and what was just crazy to see and to think about it gives me goosebumps was they would shave everyone’s head, They recycled or use 5tons of hair, 2 tons we were able to see. With hair the would do some type of fabric. It was just really shoking to see all of these objects, I might have learned about this before but I just definitely did not recall it and to see it was just…. This was quite the museum experience.

Afterwards we head back home, I love Paulina hahah we have some very funny times. Like her car is a convertible so we decided to drive like that home, and I loved it . It was a bit cold but the cold wind just felt nice, plus we got some people to wave at us. Haha while we were listening to the American jams. We then ate at this very cute restaurant. It was like underground made out of bricks/stones that you can see and had hardwood furniture, and to top it off Christmas lights, you know I’m a sucker for those. I had this brosch soup that I loved! And chicken with potatoes and fried cole slaw, it was good! Oh and of course German beer, a good .5L haha it def got me buzzed and I had a headache afterwards. So this was my last night in Poland and I had a good time. I loved my stay because of the great people in it, Paulina’s family and well it was super fun seeing her again times haven’t changed since senior year we still laugh at our own silliness and fun

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