Sunday, October 5, 2008


Second day of school so much better! its still a little to easy but it was fun talking to more people from class, katrin and martina from Sweden really nice and luis this guy from mexico and rebecca from Carolina . We found a coffee place near school and cheap! So i will be able to stay away in class and they have to-go cups! not something common in italy!. So made friends and came home, then i went out for a grocery shopping adventure in the market!! Soo much fun, it was like being in mexico but not, its the way markets are there. Came back and i made asparagus cream soup and then i had grilled steak with pico de gallo! i was very proud and it was good! then just chilled and it was a night to go out! Begin my bday celebration at midnight. So i got us all into a club called Space which i came to love! Usually you pay like 16 euros or something to get in, but because i did my thing wiht connections i got all my group of 12 for free, we met at the Duomo as usual and walked there. It was fun haning out with a big group. So we got in for free and I got 6 free drinks from the guy at the door, plus free drinks from people inside and friends! Lots of dancing went on and karaoke! It was a goood bday start! Lots of fun! Went to a pub after but then we just came home at 4am had a little snack and went to sleep!

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